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Gloria Ifeyinwa

Gloria Ifeyinwa is a experienced global educator who loves her profession and always tried to make learning active and fun. Ms. Ifeyinwa connects with other educators around the world to learn new ideas and practices for her classroom as well to use the knowledge to improve her teaching skills. She applies theory and practice with her students, and with other classes and students around the world to collaborate together and learn from each other. Using these new practices and technologies in her teaching helps to more fully engage her students in the kinds of online programs and projects that engages their interest and enriches their learning. All of this makes her students adventurous and always eager to learn from other people and as well as to teach them. 


Ms. Ifeyinwa's achievements as a global educator include:

  • Certified PenPal Schools Global Ambassador

  • Wakelet Certified Educator

  • Wakelet Ambassador

  • Wakelet Community Leader

  • 21st DigiSkillz Ambassador

  • ETC Member

Lagos, Nigeria

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