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Dr. David Greenfield

California, USA 


Dr. David Greenfield, Ed.D. is an educator, technologist, artist, innovator, peace activist and scholar of graphic novels. He earned his M.A.Ed. in Educational Technology, and his Ed.D. in Learning Technologies from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, writing his dissertation on using graphic novels to teach youth about social justice (Beyond Super Heroes and Talking Animals: Social Justice in Graphic Novels in Education).

Dr. Greenfield has presented about innovative learning practices, multi-disciplinary collaborations at education and museum conferences, as well as using comics in education at Comic Cons, and academic symposiums. Some of the educational initiatives that Dr. Greenfield has led include collaborative art workshops with Jewish, Moslem and Christian children in northern Israel, creating  

and teaching technology through a constructivist methodology to primary school students in a multicultural school in Los Angeles, as well as consulting with arts education groups on ways to reach out to children through the arts. For the past six years, Dr Greenfield has led and/or participated in education workshops and salons with teachers and students in Russia, Siberia, Israel, Palestine, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and other countries. 

Select Presentations and Workshops

  • 2021. Host Sandbox Salons, digital salons for creative professionals from multiple disciplines. Museum Studies Program, Harvard University Extension School.

  • 2021. Identifying and integrating accessible technologies in remote and underserved communities, 21ST DIGI Skillz Group Global Webinars, webinar for teachers in Europe, Russia, Africa, East and South Asia.

  • 2016-2020. Machou Art Salon, Jerusalem Israel. Hosted by Michal Greenfield, BFA Bezalel Art Academy. Participants include creatives from the Israeli and Palestinian communities.

  • 2020. Cultures and Communities in California. Presentation to HS students at Aban School, Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia hosted by Larisa Tarasevich,

  • 2020. Thinking in technology, Global webinar for teachers, Hosted by Lusine Jhangiryan, Moscow Russia

  • 2020. Bridging the gap of the digital divide, Keynote speaker at 21ST DIGI Skillz Group webinar. Hosted by Uche Lin Okpala, Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria

  • 2020. Diaspora communities in graphic literature and comics, Drawing Diversity Symposium, UCSB

  • 2018. Beyond superheroes and talking animals: teaching social justice with graphic literature. Digital Media Educators Conference, Valencia, CA

  • 2016. Comics in the classroom. Panel moderator, Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con                    

  • 2016. Diversity in comics. Panel participant,  Long Beach Comic Con                                    

  • 2013.  Major mayhem or a marvelous match? An introduction to museums and MOOCs. Presented at Future Salon LA, Santa Monica, CA

  • 2012.  STEM, STEAM, & Collaboration. Pepperdine University OMET/MALT Alumni Conference, Malibu, CA.

  • 2010- Art and Visualization: Bringing Innovation into the Classroom. Moderated panel EduSoCal’11, Long Beach, CA.  

  • 2009. Web 2.0: Create, Share, Learn. Paper, EDUCAUSE Western Regional Conference, San Francisco, CA.

  • 2008. Creating Global Communities with Web 2.0  Workshop, PeaceJam Conference, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2008. YouTube to MuseTube- Now that we have Web 2.0 tools, how do we use them? Paper. Museums and the Web conference. Montreal, Canada.

  • 2000. Contextual Links and Non-Linear Narrative. Paper, Museums and the Web Conference, Minneapolis, MN.



  • ​​Waves Scholarship for Excellence. (2009). Pepperdine University

  • Award for Excellence. (2007). Society for Technical Communication. Principal photography for Jewish Holiday Origami, Stern, J. and Greenfield, D., Dover Publications, New York, 2006.

  • Artist-in-Residence. (1988) Hilai Center for the Creative Arts. Ma'alot Tarshiha, Israel.

  • Second Place, Experimental Photography. (1972). "Photography Instructors Show," Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, CA.

  • Exhibition Artist. (1972-1973). Photograph chosen to represent City of Los Angeles in traveling global photography exhibition, “Sister Cities in Focus."

Awards and Honors

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