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About Global Learning and Comix

Global Comix and Learning (GC&L) is a collaborative, web-based global educational program for middle and high school students to promote literacy, creativity, and collaboration with students from other countries and cultures.  Meeting regularly in a digital space throughout the school year, students will be able explore and learn about other people’s cultures and communities via dialogue, presentations and making their own graphic novels and comix.

The course is structured as a club, providing the opportunity for students from in middle and high school to learn formal lessons in informal settings to create and collaborate with students in their own school, as well as with students in other schools in other countries. The lessons will be taught and facilitated by Dr. David Greenfield, EdD, to an amazing team of educators from around the world, with the assistance of guest professional comic creators. Writing stories and comics about their own countries and cultures, lessons introduce both the teacher and students about the history and formal elements of comics, and storytelling. Additionally, other necessary skills for working in a global space include basic digital media production and creating acoustically friendly spaces using available technologies, and on a budget.

Throughout the year students will create individual and collaborative comics about holidays and life-cycle events. The final projects will be 1 - 2 long comics produced collaboratively and concatenated into a single volume to be distributed to all participants, teachers, and school libraries. Videos and images of the process will also be edited into a documentary of the process for schools to use as an instructional and historical document.

The website's homepage is a blog that is updated weekly with information about this project, teachers and students, integrating comics in educational settings, and an ongoing list of resources and recommentations. 

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